Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

"Candidate experience and electoral success." Forthcoming at Latin American Research Review (with Agustín Vallejo and Leslie Schwindt-Bayer)

"Las PASO en Argentina: Un Balance 10 Años Después." Forthcoming at Elecciones (with Santiago Alles and Carolina Tchintian)

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"What explains voter turnout in Latin America? A test of the effect of citizens' attitudes towards the electoral process." Revista de Ciencia Política, Universidad Católica de Chile 37(1): 69-93.

Book Chapters

"The Myth of the Independent Voter." Voting and Political Representation in America: Issues and Trends, ed. Mark P. Jones.

Works in progress

"Whose blame is it anyway? Understanding the cost of governing in presidential coalitions"

"Party knowledge and accountability in Latin America: evidence from Argentina and Mexico"

"Cabinet composition and attribution of responsibility in presidential coalition governments" (with Thiago N. Silva and Thiago Moreira)


"PASO: a balance 10 years after" (with Santiago Alles and Carolina Tchintian). Panama Revista, December 2020. [In Spanish]

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"Why do electoral polls get it wrong sometimes?" (with Agustín Vallejo). El Estadista, August 2017. [In Spanish]